Hair Care

Extension and Perms

Hair Extensions


Are you looking for those Beyoncé's waves or Selena Gomez's long locks with our 100% natural hair extensions. Using the sewing method or the tape in depending on whether you want to go full length or just for little volume. We offer customized packages. Come in for a free consultation. See you soon

Perms and Waves


If curls have been your thing but hard to style or the thickness of the hair hasn't really helped then perms might be the solution. You can choose from a variety of size curls and perms. From small rollers to large, 1 ½ inch rollers, perms are there in several different forms. A large roller will give you a very soft curl. A smaller roller will give you more of a spiral look or use spiral rods using a spiral wrap to give you the best looped curl look. Come in for a free consultation.  See you soon!