Our Story



We are a family owned and operated organic salon and med-spa in Gilbert, Arizona. 

I am Asha Francis, the owner of White Lotus Organic Salon and Wellness Med-Spa.

 I was born and raised in India and moved to the United States ten years ago. My whole outlook with 

skin and hair was like the saying “necessity is the mother of all inventions” since I was born with 

problematic skin and very dry and coarse hair. As a teenager, I visited every local dermatologist  I could 

find to help me understand my skin and dry scalp. My face was red, oily and I had grade 4 acne. 

I experienced a lot of withdrawal symptoms as I was going through this. I was on hormonal pills for a 

very long time and went through the adverse side effects of those pills. Finally, there came a day where

 I wanted to learn about my skin in depth to be able to treat it naturally, and eventually discovered

 and studied about Ayurveda and skincare for two years. 

What I came away with was that beauty is not just about looks, but more about the way you feel. 

Following my studies, I began treating my own skin and was finally acne free after struggling 

with it for eight years! After I came to the United Sates, I began looking for a place that would 

relate to Ayurvedic principles and wellness. I believe in nature and what it has to offer so with 

these ideals in mind, my husband and I bought White Lotus Salon in March 2019. 

Our purpose is to bring nature close to you with the combination of science and technology. 

Our definition of beauty is not just about the way you look, but more about the way you feel. 

On our quest to uphold these beliefs, we work with naturopathic doctors,

beauty and hair experts that offer exceptional service and use products that are natural and healthy.

Come visit us to feel the difference...